The XML submission partners authorized by the Commission have demonstrated that they meet the Board`s requirements for the electronic submission of these forms and have entered into the required legal agreement with the Workers` Compensation Board. The Commission publishes a list of approved XML submission partners and their contact information when a provider or payer wishes to find an XML submission partner who can submit CMS-1500 files on its behalf. Check the list regularly; The list is expected to change over time. All healthcare providers who wish to submit the CMS-1500 through the XML submission process must first complete an online registration for the medical portal and then accept the terms of the legal agreement by selecting the “AGREEMENT for CMS-1500 XML Submission Agreement” link located in the Billing section of the medical portal. “Defines the definitions that govern the document and should include the year and type of definitions referenced, as well as all relevant documents (p.B framework agreement) and the date on which it was signed.” Companies that wish to register to become XML Submission Partners must first register with the Board of Directors and must pass the XML tests before obtaining permission to submit XML data to the Board. Once registration is received and eligibility is verified, the XML Submission Partner must sign and return the legal test agreement. The Board of Directors will notify the XML Submission Partner by email to the email address provided during registration that registration has been approved and testing can begin. Once the XML Submission Partner has passed the tests, the Board of Directors will notify the XML Submission Partner by email that it has been approved for production submissions and will ask the XML Submission Partner to sign and return a production rights agreement. August 2003 This is an implementation argument that refers to retrieving XML records where the XML schema (or DTD or other form of definition) is identified by using the element set name parameter (small-set-element-set-names or medium-set-element-set-names in a search request or element-set-names in a current request).

It does not address the use of the Comp-spec parameter for this purpose. If Comp-spec is used, this Agreement does not apply. All healthcare providers who wish to submit the CMS-1500 through the XML submission process must first complete the online registration to the medical portal. After logging into the medical portal, vendors who have not yet signed up for the CMS-1500 XML submission will see a link for “CMS-1500 XML Submission Agreement” in the Billing section. Select the link and click on the “I agree” button. The vendor name is added to the list of vendors allowed to submit XML data (MS Excel), which is updated daily. Once accepted, the link will no longer appear when you log in again. Agreement: To retrieve XML records, specify the object identifier 1.2.840.10003.5.112 (XML-b) as the record syntax and a globally unique identifier of the desired XML definition as the name of the element set.

The general rule then is that if the registration syntax is 1.2.840.10003.5.112, the XML definition (schema, dtd, etc.) is identified either by URIs that identify the XML definitions used as ESN Z39.50 managed by the Z39.50 maintenance agency, or by a similar page managed elsewhere. The Workers` Compensation Act requires that copies be made available to the claimant, employer, insurance institution, claimant`s representative, etc. It is the responsibility of the health care provider to ensure that this reporting obligation is met. Additional information about how to become an XML submission partner and how to complete the testing process. Registered providers may submit Form CMS-1500 and required medical/attachment documents instead of EC-4NARR and other WCB billing forms, with the exception of the physician`s report on IMS/permanent impairment (C-4.3). The submission of XML forms provides a framework for submitting data to the Workers` Compensation Board in an industry standard format (XML – Extensible Markup Language). This program is designed to give the medical community the opportunity to submit electronic medical forms that meet industry standards to the Workers` Compensation Board. The XML Submission Program currently supports the submission of CMS-1500, Physician Narrative Report (EC-4NARR), Ancillary Medical Report (EC-AMR), and Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist Report (OT/PT-4). . A list of approved XML submission partners for the CMS-1500 will be published in the XML Forms Submission section of the Board`s website and updated once each company has successfully completed testing and entered into an XML Submission Partnership Agreement with the Board.

Raw XML (canonical form + see XML format specification) When a medical invoice is submitted to the board with the XML form submission process, do NOT send a duplicate of a paper form to the board. Note that, especially in Examples 1 through 3, you want to use identifiers, not schema or DTD URIs, as item set names. These identifiers are syntactically URIs, but not necessarily actionable URIs. Examples 1 to 3 are taken from the table of For example, 1, the identifier is not enforceable and cannot be tracked. For example, 2, the URI is exploitable, but tracking it does not help determine its meaning as a set of elements. Also e.B. 3.

For example, 4, the random identifier is an actionable URI that refers to the desired definition. Note: All versions of medical billing forms C-4 (except C-4.3) and OT/PT-4 are expected to be replaced by CMS-1500 on July 1, 2022. Learn more about the CMS-1500 initiative. . The electronic process mandated by the President requires payers to work with at least one XML submission partner approved by the Board of Directors to submit and accept medical invoices from healthcare providers by electronic data interchange (EDI) or other format agreed with the XML submission partner. “Other additional fees or payments associated with the contract, such as brokerage commissions, if one or more of the parties involved are not the main parties to the contract.” “Title of the contract with identification and other information independent of the type of financial product that is the subject of this contract.” Payers must work with the Commission to identify XML submission partners whose medical invoices they will accept by October 30, 2021. Online administrators of the Payer`s Medical Portal must properly retain the XML Submission Partner information and update the Online Administrator`s request with any changes within three (3) business days. Note to Use: Every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not an integral part of the specification. The maintenance agency does not try to list all the identifiers used, but tries to maintain those of general use.