Does the AirBnB interface offer a way to set a minimum age requirement linked to its database to ensure that all customers under a certain age are automatically “filtered”, or is this something we simply put on our “house rules” and hope minors read so far? At this point, there`s no easy way to limit an Airbnb-specific age group. With that in mind, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself and your guests as much as possible by preventing young partygoers from choosing your rental. It is absolutely fair for a host to see a guest`s ID when checking into the rental. When you check into a hotel, they`ll always ask you to see your ID to make sure you`re who you claim to be, so many hosts take a similar route. If your building or neighborhood is secure, use it to your advantage! The presence of security will certainly discourage all guests with less than ideal intentions for your rental. By betting a dollar amount on certain damages that may occur, malicious customers will be more careful when booking your rental, for fear of additional charges. Clearly describe the house rules for your rental. This includes things like: With the exception of your ID, Airbnb asks all guests for other personal information before you can submit a booking request, such as. B your full name, email address, phone number, etc. (but only if these details were not in your ID). You must also accept the rules of the house.

That worries me as well. I stated in my rules of procedure that my place is not suitable for children under the age of 12 (I am thinking of raising it to 21), but this is discrimination. Showing that you are a reputable landlord instead of just adding a few quick rental information gives the impression of professionalism and will certainly remind guests that your place means so much to you. When writing your house rules, be sure to mention the points you wrote in your description. These will give you something to rest on if a guest breaks a house rule, as they have to accept all the rules of your home in order to book your rent. Airbnb is very flexible for hosts and guests. In fact, Airbnb`s flexibility is one of the main reasons why it has become one of the most popular booking platforms. Follow the above rules and your stay should go smoothly! It violates Airbnb`s Terms of Service if people under the age of 18 create and use an account on the Platform.

Indeed, minors under the age of 18 cannot legally conclude a rental contract. While travel in general is undoubtedly affected by the spread of COVID-19 in the country, many travelers have turned to vacation rentals as an alternative to hotels. Airbnb has introduced a cleaning protocol that requires 24 hours between guest bookings and allows people to search for hosts who have received the company`s “The Cleaning Protocol” certification. There are several ways to strategically create your rental listing page to discourage younger visitors from booking: 1) with your listing description and 2) with your house rules. While you don`t need to be verified to use the Airbnb platform, there are many rentals that require a guest to be verified before booking. By verifying your identity, Airbnb can confirm that you are a real person and that you are at least 18 years old. I personally hosted over 300 guests and managed other people`s rentals for even more (via Cityami). The way a guest behaves has absolutely nothing to do with age and everything to do with the experience of life. A good guest has already stayed with other people, whether with his parents or as an adult, or has simply had a good education.

A poor guest treats your home like his personal cloakroom. Age cannot predict this. If you want to avoid bad guests, ask them why they use Airbnb, where they`ve traveled. Also look for previous reviews. Most importantly – ask why they visit the area. Just make sure the reason for your stay matches the space you offer and everything will be fine! According to Airbnb, the new policy has resulted in a “significant decrease” in the number of unauthorized house parties in Canada since its inception. Of course, it`s still possible for someone`s “friend” to rent on their behalf to get around Airbnb`s rules, but the new policy certainly discourages a lot of people. Speaking of neighbors, make sure your Airbnb listing says you have neighbors.

People are more likely to play by the rules when they know other people are there. The Site, application and Services are intended exclusively for persons who are at least 18 years of age. Any access or use of the Site, application or Services by anyone under the age of 18 is expressly prohibited. By accessing or using the Site, Application or Services, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. View airbnb`s terms and conditions Ultimately, Airbnb is a great booking platform for finding one-time accommodation or long-term stays. Follow the rules, treat your accommodations with the respect they deserve and enjoy every second of the experience! And if you don`t like Airbnb, there are plenty of Airbnb alternatives that keep you busy. The short answer is no. Due to Airbnb`s non-discrimination policy, a host is unable to set an age limit for their own rentals beyond the initial requirement of 18.

This is a common topic among hosts, as young guests have a bad reputation in the Airbnb community for parties and trash rentals. Before joining airbnb, I set my minimum age to rent my vacation home at 25 (similar to car rental). Can I do this with my listing and, if so, would I set it according to the house rules? No, you can`t airbnb strictly has no policy of discrimination for age/race etc. There are several ways for a host to discourage people of a certain age from booking their accommodation. It does not violate the rules of doing so, although it is a tricky subject as it means being very presumptuous in relation to certain age groups. Airbnb on Thursday announced new booking rules that prohibit U.S. users under the age of 25 from renting entire homes near their own homes to prevent “unauthorized house parties,” according to a statement from the company. Secondly, I mention the rules of the house because, although they are the rules of your property, many guests do not take the time to read the rules of the house of an entrance. As in any other industry, different people will choose to run their business as they see fit. If you only want to rent to a certain age group of guests, formulating and setting up your rental list is essential to achieve this. In addition, some countries in Europe require management companies to collect identification documents if their properties are technically classified as holiday homes. The big picture: High-profile incidents — including a shooting that killed five people at an Airbnb party on Halloween — have plunged the company into a frenzy over using rentals for unauthorized gatherings.

One problem I haven`t encountered myself, but which is happening in the Airbnb community, is fraudulent rental booking. Guests need to know exactly what the experience will look like, from check-in to check-out. You`ll want to know everything from using your devices to using public transportation in the area. Use colorful and cheerful language and write a tantalizing story about your home. Treat it as if you were writing a fun newsletter about your rental to everyone in your family. Be personal! To make it easier for some, it may be helpful to know your prescriptions and those of the city when setting up your short-term rental property. In my city, there is a minimum age set out in the Vacation Rental Regulation, which prohibits the party responsible for the vacation rental from being under 25 years of age. Sometimes, when you check in, a host may ask you for id to verify your age. This is not uncommon, especially when people treat their Airbnb rental as a business. Hosts obviously don`t want a group of minor “kids” to crush their home during spring break, although we can confirm that parents are often as turbulent as their offspring, right? Our city aggressively reviews various promotional materials for vacation rentals in the area to ensure compliance with city bylaws, including vacation rental permits, age, and TOT (Trans Occupancy Tax) compliance. If you find that your rent is constantly being used for parties against your request, it may be time to threaten charges for party-related damages: unexpected guests, crumbling bedding, noise levels, proof of smoking, damaged furniture, and the list goes on.

Some of my best guests were between 18 and 25 years old, @Ayanna2, but the bad guests of some other hosts were at that age. Very bad. Destruction of property. If you`re having trouble booking and I see you don`t have an opinion yet, make your first message to the wonderful host. Tell her what you like about her, mention everything in her rules that may be a little different, and tell her that you will absolutely do it (take off your shoes or keep the hours quiet or whatever), reassure her that you are responsible, give examples. .