Devotion for Friday, June 5, 2020
From: Karon Brosey

Good Afternoon Everyone…

There is nothing I love more than having a conversation with people, but especially having one with my husband. Besides his extremely powerful, yet soothing, calming and easy-to-listen-to voice, it was our conversations that endeared him to me the most before we were married. You might think that after almost 30 years it would get old – it doesn’t – it hasn’t, and I believe it never will. It is something that I relish and look forward to every day. We NEVER run out of things to talk about, and I am just as excited today as I was when I first met him to converse about anything and everything. He has educated me in so many ways – making me see things in a different light. He is like a walking dictionary and encyclopedia, yet because of his humility, you would never know it! I can ask him something time and time again and he very graciously takes the time to answer me. When he was working from home doing news and traffic for ABC in New York, I sometimes would write him a note and place it on the control board because I just couldn’t wait until after his shift to have those conversations. It was like giving him a heads-up on what I wanted to talk about when he was done on the air.

That is a wonderful thing I have with my husband, but even more precious is the ability to have conversations with my God – it’s called prayer – and guess what, I never have to wait to have those conversations!!! I talk to Him in the shower, I talk to Him as I am driving, I talk to Him in the middle of the night when I wake up from a dream and can’t go back to sleep right away.

I am attaching a video from Matt Chandler who speaks volumes about PRAYER and how it works with God. I hope after viewing it you come away with a different heart and attitude in speaking to God. My husband is willing, but not always able, to have unlimited conversations with me, but God is AWLAYS available and implores us to ask ALL THE TIME, ANY TIME, and TIME AFTER TIME!!