Daily Moment with Jesus 5-27-20

What has God taught me over the last 9 weeks with the COVID 19 sheltering in place?

I guess this is a question that we’ve all asked, or at least should have been asked.  This world seems to be in such a hurry.  We have fast food restaurants, drive up windows at banks, Dunkin Donut and Starbucks drive throughs.  I even saw an article on drive up communion that one church in the US held during the COVID crisis.  We are a culture that thrives on busyness.  We race home from work to grab a quick dinner before running out the door to take our kids to sports practice, or dance lessons, or to committee meetings.  We are in such a hurry.  I see this in youth culture as well.  Kids can’t wait to grow up to enjoy the things their older siblings enjoy like wearing make-up, driving a car, dating, etc.  This COVID pandemic has caused our culture, country, and world to slow down.  We didn’t have a choice.

Sherry and I were talking on one of the many walks we have taken during the pandemic (incidentally, our walks have increased since the pandemic and that’s a good thing).  We were talking about the good things this pandemic has brought.  Yes, I said it, and now it’s in print.  There have been some good things about this time in our lives.  We have had leisurely family dinners together, just the four of us.  It’s become our habit recently to stay at the dinner table after we finish the meal and play a board game.  We have not been eating at restaurants and limit our takeout meals to one a week, which is good for our budget.  We’ve enjoyed cooking and baking together.  I already mentioned the walks where we get to talk and share our thoughts with each other.  We’ve designed and planted flower beds as a family.  Sherry and I have talked about the importance of identifying what we want to leave behind when the pandemic ends and also the good practices we want to continue.

I can’t help but be reminded what the Psalmist writes in Psalm 46:10.  He says, “Be still and know that I am God.”  I need to be reminded of this.  I feel this is what God is desiring that I learn through this pandemic.  I need to be still before the Lord.  He has so much to teach me and show me.  I’ll never learn the lesson if I am constantly running from one thing to the next.

What is it that God is teaching you through this time in your life?  Surely there is something He has to share with each one of us.  Don’t miss it.

You are in my prayers.  I miss you.

Love you guys