Devotion for Friday, March 27, 2020
From: Karon Brosey

Good Afternoon Everyone…

The scripture related to my devotion today is 1 John 3:18.
“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

John is telling us that it may be fairly easy for most of us to say to someone “I love you,” but the true
test is to show that love in the deeds we do that reflect the likeness of Jesus – loving others as Christ
loves us.

We can verbally express our affections for others; and when we do that, it is “human” love. But when
we give of ourselves by serving others, no matter what the cost, that is a love that we are given as a
child of God. It is an action of letting God’s kind of love be seen in us so that it freely flows out to others
through our actions and attitudes – in other words – unconditional love!

I am always happy to share how my parents were the epitome of unconditional love and how they
helped me “model” that same kind of love. But that kind of love wasn’t and isn’t something that can be
“taught” such as in a self-help seminar or some other earthly program. Rather it comes directly from
God Himself! It allows us to let go of self and live for Christ, and that is what my parents taught me – by
living it!!!

So, make it a point to love others unconditionally knowing God’s love is shining through you!!! Trust
me, you will find joy in even the simplest of things you do with that kind of love!!!

And remember, every time you show God’s love for any of his creation – man or animal – people can be
blessed by it. So, don’t ever miss an opportunity to glorify God in everyday things you do with an act of
unconditional love!!!


And now I want to share a feel-good video sent to me that just warmed my heart – I hope it brings you
the same kind of simple joy I received from it.

“A Random Act of Kindness”