Thus says the Lord: ‘A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are no more.”

Jeremiah 31:15


During this time of Jeremiah, the Lord’s people were going through exile in Babylonia for seventy years. We see Rachel, Jacob’s favored wife, pictured here weeping for her children who were being sent into exile due to their evil practices. How was the Lord to fulfil his promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if their children continued to turn from the Lord? We see this passage again in Matthew 2:18 after King Herod had been tricked by the Magi and gave orders to kill all of the males in the region of Jerusalem. As Matthew repeats Jeremiah 31:15, we see Rachel weeping once again for her people going into exile as these innocent children are slaughtered at the hand of King Herod. With this death sentence, how is God’s promise going to be fulfilled? But, we know! The Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to take his family and flee persecution. God remembered His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and sent His Son, Jesus to save His people!

As you go throughout your day remember that the Lord allows us to go through trials. Kings like Nebuchadnezzar and Herod will not get in the way of fulfilling His promises. The Lord makes a way, and whatever things you may be going through, the Lord has the final victory!